15 Dogs and Cats Who Are Doing Winter Better than You Are!

Dog Holiday

1. There’s this sleigh ride saboteur who has zero time for you

dog sledding

Source (GIF)

“Adios, human!”

2. And these guys know that sledding is far more fun in a group

dogs sledding Source (GIF)

And of course that matching snow gear is 100% necessary

3. There’s this cat that has winter figured out

Cat in the snow Source (GIF)

“These paws aren’t gonna walk themselves!”

4. And this dog who is having all sorts of fun indoors

In boots Source

“Can you see my jazz hands under these boots?”

5. Then there is the Snow Queen and her Snow Castle

Cat snow house Source (GIF)

6. And this pug that just needed a little push

pug snowboarder Source (GIF)

7. How about this cat that took a ride on a fellow furry friend?

Cat riding sheep Source (GIF)

(Except what actually happened was halfway into her nap on a mysterious pile of fuzz, she realized her bed had legs. Oops.)

8. And these guys that just wanted to help

Snowman builders Source

9. And this cat is enjoying her role as Ultimate Snow Cat-cher

Cat plays with the owner Source (GIF)

10. And this dog who buried a bone somewhere under there a few months ago…

Enjoying the snow Source

This is a face that says, “Yes, I will lose 10 pounds by spring so I never get stuck in snow again.”

11. Not to mention this dog, who really learned the meaning of ‘just say no’

Building a snowman Source (GIF)

“This is for all the times you told me not to play ball in the house!”

12. And how about this pup that is totally chillin’?

Dog extreme sports Source (GIF)

13. And this is what happens when two cats discover snow for the first time…

2 Cats playing Source (GIF)

14. And when your dog has a better coat/boots combo than you…

stylish outfit Source

15. And finally there are these buddies, who love playing a hardcore game of chicken

2 dogs playing Source (GIF)

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