9 Adorable Animal Friendships that Will Have You ‘Awww’ing!

Some animals are blind to the differences between them. The result? The most adorable and unconditional animal friendships. Maybe us humans should take note.

1. This motherless opossum was adopted by a fellow furry friend

Meet Hantu and Poncho. Hantu, a white German Sheppard, had no pups of her own. Then Poncho came along and they formed an instant family. Definitely ‘awww’ worthy!

2. This goat knows to keep his enemies close

This goat and Amur tiger are spitting in the face of animal kingdom stereotypes with their unique friendship. Trendsetters!

3. This cat just won’t let go of her bearded dragon friend

No, that’s not a fake bearded dragon (like we originally thought)! These two cuties have a real thing going on, and it’s all about snuggling!

4. This bird just wants to have fun

Do mine eyes deceive me? A bird and a cat hanging out?? U-chan, as he’s affectionately known, attempts to wake up his buddy Chama from his, ehm, catnap.

5. This cat/dog/bird trio is kind of unbelievable

What happens when a crow makes friends with a cat and a dog and then proceeds to feed them kibble? Watch and see. This video is magic.

6. The friendship between this kitten and owl is a hoot! (Yea, we said it)

You rarely see a kitten and an owl in such close quarters, but these two who live in Osaka Coffee Shop in Japan share a special bond… and help to attract visitors.

7. A chimpanzee and a Siberian lynx. Enough said.

Rolling around in the grass together is only one of many cute activities these two do.

8. This tiny Dachshund takes on his best friend – a 500-pound lion!

If these two can get along without hurting each other, then anything is possible!

9. And what happens when a cat, rat, and a dog grow up together? This unlikely friendship.

If these animals can all get along, why can’t humans?
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