AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” in an acoustic version that will blow your mind

If you thought that you couldn’t rock hard with nothing but an acoustic guitar, think again. Talented guitarist Luca Stricagnoli is here to prove you wrong with a mind-boggling acoustic version of AC/DC’s classic track “Thunderstruck”.

The Aussie rock legends originally conceived this number as a straight-forward and driven rock song, with layers of guitars, thunderous bass and drums that could make entire stadiums shake. Although a lone guitarist doesn’t have access to such vast dynamics, Luca Stricagnoli’s fingers move up and down the neck as if he were an octopus. The melodic arrangement mimicking the vocals and guitars, as well as the primordial, yet groovy rhythm patterns give a completely new feel to the song.

Currently signed with Candyrat Records, a label with a strong focus on talented acoustic guitar virtuoso, Luca Stricagnoli is quickly gaining notoriety, even thanks of his own interpretation of rock classics from the likes of Guns N Roses or Metallica; exploring timeless songs in an understated, yet exciting acoustic setting that will make you re-discover your favourite rock tunes, and perhaps even fall in love with them for the first time under a brand new light.


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