ACPAD – the world’s first wireless Midi controller for acoustic guitar!

Music technology never ceases to amaze. Every year, we witness new developments, new ideas and new products that could truly revolutionize the way music is created and conceived, reconciling tradition with innovation. Such is definitely the case of the revolutionary ACPAD, the world’s first wireless Midi controller for acoustic guitar!


What does this mean for guitarists? The possibilities are truly endless. Midi technology is absolutely incredible because it actually allows musicians to keep playing their instrument the same way they always had, but at the same time, access an incredibly wide palette of sounds. From simulated piano chords to experimental textures and even drum beats and samples, anything is possible: the only limit is a musician’s creativity and imagination! The fact that this technology is currently available for acoustic guitars adds a new spark and a new set of possibilities for all the creative guitarists and song-writers looking for a brand new approach to their work flow and performances!

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