Games come to life in Real Life First Person Shooter, check out this insane video!

First Person Shooter

Games are always about pushing imagination to the utmost limits and doing whatever it takes in order to fulfill our mission, but at the end of the day we realize that they are just games and they don’t impact our life in any way. This is why seeing something like the Real Life First Person Shooter is indeed a one of a kind idea unlike never before.

Simply put, Real Life First Person Shooter is a game that takes place in real time. The game appears on Chatroulette and other chatting platforms, and all you have to do is to guide the main character which is a real person through a location filled with zombies and a wide range of other challenges. As you would expect, Real Life First Person Shooter is shot in real time, and it has an army of people in the backstage, which continually change the game experience based on the commands.

The main character is a guy equipped with a GoPro camera which allows high fidelity video capture and streaming. The video is then sent to the control station where the crew adds special effects in real time, be it visuals and sounds, in order to make the experience more interesting and immersive. The main character which you control has a headset with microphone so he will be able to interact with the person controlling him via audio.

A lot of work went into the creation of the zombies, which are real persons from a local region, however the weapons are also very detailed albeit a little rugged in order to make the experience more refined and fun.

The Real Life First Person Shooter also has a main boss, which is basically a person in a space marine cosplay suit which has a custom-made head created specifically for this space epic.

The entire experience here is very fun, because all of these elements combined are offering a very impressive, extraordinary and immersive shooter that actually takes place in real life. You will love playing Real Life First Person Shooter because of the interaction that you have with the main character and the immense realism that you obtain from the entire experience. It’s not a lousy port nor anything like that, instead it’s the work of a massive crew that tries to bring you one of the best, most interesting shooter experiences you have ever seen in your entire life.

If you want to be fully immersed in this stunning world then we suggest you to head to the links below in order to see the full video and the behind the scenes shots! Real Life First Person Shooter is similar to Zombie and Half Life, true, but it’s definitely something one of a kind, which you can rarely see in the online world. If you think that making a realistic shooter is impossible, just check the videos below and be amazed with how everything turned out!



Behind the Scenes:


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