JOVANA & VLADAN – Adele Someone like you REMIX (classical folk rock – accordion)

Hailing all the way from Serbia, Jovana Djordjevic is a talented and charismatic performer who rightfully earned her reputation as “Bakan’s Adele”. Her soulful and emotionally intense performances echo the work of the popular British singer that she is very often compared to.

Wanna hear for yourself? Head over to youtube and check out Jovana’s breath-taking rendition of Adele’s hit, “Someone Like You”.

In collaboration with fellow accordionist and master arranger Vladan, Jovana set out to create a really unique version of the song, blending in Adele’s melancholic lyrics and heartfelt melodies with a Balkan folk twist that add a truly unique flavour to the song.  The accordion, piano and vocals blend in perfectly, in a way you wouldn’t expect if you are familiar with the original song!

Jovana also showcases her talent with a more classic approach to performing. Her version of “Never Promised To Behave“, penned by talented Icelandic song-writer Selma Mariudottir, showcases some great blues rock vibes and some nice pop melodies that will hardly leave your head anytime soon!

One of Jovana’s most striking abilities is her way to do something much more difficult than just reaching the “right notes”. As a singer, she doesn’t only just perform the music by the book, the way it is supposed to sound like. Jovana truly connects with the lyrics: she is able to understand and feel what a song is about, eventually portraying the actually emotions that are meant to be represented, and not just the technicality of the performance (as in things like making sure to sing in tune, keep the pitch, reach all the high notes and so on).

Never Promised To Behave” is a great example of what I am trying to say: While Jovana is executing the song perfectly on a technical standpoint, she is also delivering a honest, intimate and personal interpretation of Selma’s sincere lyrical work. Best of both worlds!

/ Andrea

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