Michael Jackson’s “Bad” reinvented… you won’t believe this piano player!

Some say that the piano is always going to be one of the most expressive, versatile and beloved instruments of all time. But can a piano performance match the energy of a full band set-up?

Bence Peter’s reputation as a piano player with crazy musical antics and even crazier skills is quickly gaining momentum on social media, particularly thanks to his popular youtube videos. Millions of viewers and counting can’t be wrong. Not convinced yet? Check out Bence’s incredible rendition of Michael Jackson’s classic hit, “Bad”. The way this young and talented performer can match the dynamic intensity of the song is absolutely unbelievable. Cascading melodies, quite / loud moments alternating and creating a true musical rollercoaster experience.

(via YouTube / Bence Peter)

If you enjoy Bence Peter’s cover version of “Bad”, you’ll be pleased to know he also tried his hands (quite literally) at reinventing some other beloved tracks from Michael Jackson, including megahit “Thriller” and “Human Nature”.


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