Resident Evil 6 Had a Gruesome Yet Awesome Marketing Campaign

Resident Evil is definitely one of the game series that has always managed to impress its audience with one of a kind gameplay ideas and gruesome acts, but for the first time in its history, Resident Evil 6 brought in some amazing changes to the core game. Yet we’re not here to talk about the game, but one of the marketing endeavors that was pulled in order to promote it!

Yes, in order to promote the launch of Resident Evil 6 started with a gruesome ideas that was actually put into practice. They created a butchery which isn’t that much at first, but with a twist, because they were serving human organs and body parts.

Instead of actually getting human body parts, the customers were actually purchasing normal meat that was disguised in the form of body parts, so that it would keep the realism from the Resident Evil 6 game.

Few people knew at that particular time that the butchery was actually fully recreating the final scene of the game in live action. The butcher shot is actually a scene in the game and there you can find the best cuts of human flesh which can actually be purchased.

The horrid or maybe interesting thing about this butchery is that while some persons were terrified by the entire thing and idea, there were a few that actually purchased some of the meat. The butcher even had some samples there for the picking, but as you would expect most men were too scared to check out such a thing.

An odd thing is that the entire gruesome scene was placed in one of the most popular markets in London, all so that the game would receive a great exposure. And to be honest it did, because the gruesomeness included there was a lot of fun and excitement, unlike never before. Moreover, the entire experience was created with a reason, because all the proceeds accumulated from the sale of these gruesome body parts were donated to the Limbless Association, which provides complete support for all the amputee patients in the UK. So the entire gruesome scene actually had a cause there, and being able to donate money to the charity is always nice, we have to say. Considering the fact that this is a recreation of a horror game, a lot of thought and ideas went into it, and the results are both impressive and scary at the same time.

The buyers for these products were actually invited at the St Bartholomew Hospital Pathology museum in order to attend a few lectures about cannibalism, a fitting end to a gruesome purchase.

While there are plenty of game marketing techniques that blend real life stuff into the game world, the reality is that this is definitely the grossest and scariest one you can find right now. One has to wonder what will happen when Resident Evil 7 comes out in the new few years, and what marketing ideas they might use then!

Until that time, we suggest you check out this video about this one of a kind butcher shop!

(via YouTube / CVG)

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