Watching These People Trying To Fit A TV Into Their Tiny Car Is Like Watching Looney Tunes

tiny car and big tv

These days there are all kinds of challenges being created through the internet. First there was the ice bucket challenge where people would have someone empty a bucket filled with ice cold water on their head and then nominate three other people to do the challenge, and now there is the running man challenge where people are making short videos of themselves doing a silly dance that kinda makes you look like you’re running. After watching this video, it immediately came to me that the situation could be the next challenge of the internet.

In the video, it seems that a team of three have just bought an LG Ultra HD TV from an electronics store. There was however one problem, and it wasn’t covering the cost of the television. The three shoppers were ready to hop into their car to go home, only to find out that their brand new smart television was too big to fit in their little Chevrolet car. The sight of them trying to fit it inside and be able to close all the doors was just unbearably funny. They tried poking it in from the side, then they tried fitting it in from the back, but there was just no justice done.

tiny car and big tv 2

tiny car and big tv 4

When it finally became obvious that the big television wasn’t going to fit in their little car, they decided to leave the trunk open. To make matters worse, there was barely even space for the third lady to sit. At the end of all the struggle, they took off in their tiny car with their brand new mega television.

tiny car and big tv 5

tiny car and big tv 6

Folks, I don’t know what’s funnier here… The fact that their new television is bigger than their car, or they actually thought it would have worked during all that time of poking and stuffing.

Have a great laugh by watching the video for yourself.


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