When you Realize How Old this Woman is, You Won’t Believe What She Does On Stage!

72-year-old Kelly Fox, a wife and a mother of four children, just rocked out on Britain’s Got Talent, wowing all the judges and bringing the audience to their feet with her young-at-heart, punk-rock performance.

The raunchy song, which includes the lyrics “you were lying their butt naked” and the word “ass” more times than we’d care to count, was a spectacular choice for the white-haired singer.

With her killer dance moves and a husky voice for the ages, Kelly Fox gave her own rendition of The All Purpose Blues Band’s “Kiss My Ass, Baby”. Despite her impressive age, Mrs. Fox gave the likes of Janis Joplin and Alanis Morissette a run for their money!

(via YouTube / Britain’s Got Talent)

The judges shocked reactions are priceless, and the audience sing-a-long to the “Kiss My Ass” chorus is one to remember for the ages! With 4 easily given Yes’s, the judges sent Mrs. Fox on to the next round!

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