When You See What Happens after This Guy Sits on an Electric Chair, You’ll be Totally Shocked!

When Eddie Tyrer made a visit to a fairground recently, he wasn’t scared away by the sound of the “Original Shocker Electric Chair.” In fact, he plopped right on, and what happened afterwards is both hilarious and shocking!

The video shows Tyrer writhing in pain, turning bright red, and making uncontrollable facial contortions. He grips the handles as the electricity hits and sends thousands of volts through his body. When it’s all over, he slides off the seat and hobbles away unbalanced, trailed by laughter and cheers from his collected audience.

Of course, this “electric chair” doesn’t actually send volts of electricity through your body. Its handles vibrate at a high frequency to emulate the feeling of an electric shock, without actually shocking you. But Tyrer is a great actor, no?

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