When You See What this Magician Pulls Out of His Hat, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Britain’s Got Talent was just mesmerized by the incredible tricks of 31-year old Jamie Raven.

He starts off with some impressive sleight of hand, delighting the judges by turning 50 pound notes into special “Britain’s Got Talent” notes, featuring caricatures of each of the judges.

But it gets even more astounding, when he does a card trick that has all of the judges glued to their seats (and trying to figure out just how he does it!)

Raven had drawn a little magician on his card deck, and as he flips through the deck, the magician pulls a card out of his hat, but not just any card – the exact card that Simon Cowell had chosen.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Cowell ignored the requests of all the other judges in picking his card.

(via YouTube / Britain’s Got Talent)

It’s no wonder that all the judges gave Raven a Yes and moved him on to the next round!

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